Equifare Program Enrollment Form

The Equifare program offers eligible riders a discounted fare rate. Approved riders will remain enrolled for 24 months.

1. Program Eligibility

The Equifare program is available to riders whose household income falls below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level OR who qualify for one of the following social services.

1a. Household Income Eligibility

Riders whose household falls within the following size and income limits are eligible. Select your combined income by household size below:

* The word “household” refers to: you, your spouse, and anyone else that lives with you and with whom you have a legal relationship. You do not need to include information on people who live with you but are not part of your “household." A "household" exists regardless of your living arrangements.

1b. Social Service Eligibility

Riders who participate in one or more of the following programs are eligible for Equifare. Check all that apply to you:

2. Verification

Verify the above information by selecting ONE of the option below.

2a. Self-Certification

2b. Proof of Eligibility

3. Applicant Information

If you are not the head of your household and require another person's documents in order to prove program eligibility, please provide their information below.

If enrolled by an organization, provide enrolling assistant's information below.

4. Confirmation and Consent